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whiteboard animation

At some point in our digital journey, all of us have come across videos that seem to be drawing and coloring themselves while a voice-over explains the video content from the background. The reasons behind such widespread popularity of these whiteboard animation pieces are multiple, which include versatility in usage, clarity of content, hidden PR for the business and others. These days, most of the elite marketers, as well as small business owners, demand novelty in their marketing and PR strategies. This not only drives business but also helps them in getting higher viewer retention, thus making them stand out from the crowd.

Well, at Creative Yogi, you get all this and much more which adds worth to all your business activities. So what are these Whiteboard Animation videos exactly?

Such videos are developed through a process wherein a storyboard with pictures is seen being drawn on a white surface, which largely resembles a whiteboard (hence the name). The driving effects behind such masterpieces developed by our experts are the time-lapse and stop-motion effects. These, when used by highly-skilled developers, resulting in the creation of excellent product demos, educational presentations, explainer videos and many other forms of visual treats.

However, multiple reasons can be enumerated to show the importance of videos made via Whiteboard Animations, for marketers, business owners, educators, and PR experts alike.

To begin with, we can very well establish that Whiteboard animations perform as Subtle PR’s for you. This means that the correct level of Creativity in such videos at Creative Yogi acts as an effective PR tool. Such belief is based on the fact that humans tend to share videos that arouse deep-seated emotions of amusement or contentment. Thus, getting your video to the masses.

The next benefit of Whiteboard Animations is that it is clear as well as universal. The clarity of whiteboard animations brings about its universal nature. Such power aids in leveraging the audience of different languages as well from all walks of life. So be it a banking commercial or a geography lesson, serious factual representations or lighter videos, Whiteboard Animation pops up as the answer to all your needs.

The focused nature of Whiteboard Animation Videos is well-talked about almost everywhere. The scope of having your main motive lost amongst irrelevant content is very low when it comes to such animation. The fact that the only ways of expression of content are a marker and a whiteboard, the creator ensures that the message comes across uncluttered, hence making it heard loud and clear.

One big area of worry for almost every enterprise is the cost involved in marketing strategies. Well!, rest assured, whiteboard Animations are cost-effective since they do not require excessive detailing and are yet engaging enough to have higher retention.

Whiteboards are for everyone, come and try your hands with Creative Yogi!

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