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Annual Report Design

Requisites of an ideal annual report

To achieve a great annual report design one needs to have a combination of concise content structure, clear financial reporting, accompanied by interesting infographics. And how do you compile such a report? Well, we at Creative yogi do it all for you. We bring together strong content structures, effective communication techniques, and excellent designs to generate engaging and inspiring reports.

One of the primary issues that you can face at the time of considering the next round of the Annual Report is the design of the report. Since such annual report projects occur almost every year, it may sometimes be difficult to create something that is an improvement in comparison to the previous year.

Creative Yogi's expertise in annual report design

The creative team of a creative yogi has years of experience in design development and is capable of designing a wide range of Annual Reports, for different sectors. Our unique design process delivers you several design options and the potential creative directions for the business report design, thus making us the Annual Report design company who is worth talking to.

Since we have a team of experienced designers, we use their expertise to offer our services to our clients with a cost-effective solution to their corporate reporting challenge. Designing an engaging annual report need not be a costly affair, which some of our clients fear before they speak to our team. The primary aspect is to understand the process and then work together to divide the project into stages to get the perfect foundation.

Our annual report design process

The design team of Creative yogi works with you during each stage of the design process. All of our annual report projects begin on paper and follow the below-mentioned process:

  • Step 1: Research
    It is important to research each aspect of your business and not to miss out on anything at this stage. Our team ensures to look at the things that have actually been recorded in terms of facts and ideally imagery.

  • Step 2: Businesses Aims and Objectives
    Planning about what the annual report wants to achieve. Without a clear direction, one may be able to create an amazing annual report but it may be a useless tool.

  • Step 3: Planning the annual report pages
    Develop major themes, divide them into sections and subsections with special areas of focus. Also, Plan when and how to add the financial content. One must ensure that the report is made in such a way that the readers will be engaged with the report.
  • Step 4: Develop content
    Now focus on writing and pulling in content from the different departments and sources of the company. It is important to be engaging and not only historically correct.

  • Step 5: Source imagery
    Infographics, Photography, and illustrations can bring the content to life Using clip art images in the annual report may look false and can make the entire content untrusted.

  • Step 6: Create a final report after Corrections and Changes
    We closely work with our business clients in order to minimize the changes in the final annual report design, thus ensuring that we keep on schedule and also manage the budget of the project.

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