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Web Hosting Services

No limits & No worries! Host your website and experience the true cloud hosting technology. Choose the premium quality services at the best price in the industry which extends to adapt for the ever growing needs of your website. Choose Creative Yogi as a credible partner for all your website needs and relax while watching how we create a strong online presence of your business.

What is hosting?

Without hosting no one will ever be able to see your website and so for the purpose one requires to host it efficiently with a domain name and upload the content. Get all this easy with Creative Yogi services which offers the set up in single click with greater storage and bandwidth. With 24*7 security monitoring and on the fly resource upgrades are some of the best features.

We offer the both kind of hosting viz. Windows and the Linux which will depend on your choice. In case of confusion our customer service executives can be contacted for the consultations anytime.

Different Web Hosting Services offered

Web hosting comes in different ‘shapes and sizes’ with different setups suiting the preferential needs of the webmaster. Different categories are as follows:

Shared Hosting: This is the most economical form of website hosting in terms of the use of hardware. In this multiple websites are hosted on the same server with different users having a fixed storage and limited resource amounts. Hobbyist and bloggers use this mostly.

VPS Hosting: Setting up a virtual private server is like a shared hosting but with more powerful hardware. It drives the name from fact that with the help of an application the different users can operate independently.

Dedicated hosting: Best one for the professionals and business entities as a distinct server is dedicated for a single website.

Cloud Hosting: This service allows the webmasters to access a large bank of interlinked servers which are designed to take over each other in needed.

Creative Yogi have all the resources like CPU, memory, entry processes, i/o; always ready whenever you need them. Our security team is also on the job round the clock to monitor and thwart the suspicious activities and to deflect the DDOS attacks.

The services provided for web-hosting, automatically backs up the data every day and so in case some disastrous situation arrives, you can restore that all back in a single click. With a wide range of services available to access in the most reasonable packs, Creative Yogi is one the best choice for getting your website live. Relegate your website related task on us and pay your full attention towards working for your business.

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