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Web Analytics

The measurement and analysis of data to get the information about a user/visitor’s behaviors on different web pages is the Web Analytics. It is powerful tool for any business having a website or online presence as the customer behavior let them tailor the experience suited for the needs and increase the chances of closing the deal.

Importance of Web Analytics

  • The correct insights and data help in customizing the experience for visitors.
  • Consumer behavior is also a key to optimize the website for getting the conversion metrics. It means the most popular pages and the most popular path for purchase will be indicated.
  • The content getting more attention can be focused better.
  • The analysis report tell from where the traffic is getting directed so the most popular platform can also be worked on to gain more audience.
  • Tracking of bounce rates (when visitors leave the page without any action on products/services) information is of great help for betterment.
  • Effectiveness of online marketing campaigns is also known as such analysis details the direction page and this improves the future efforts.

Though the service is complicated for the newbies, it is prudential to seek the professional help in the powerful tool.

How it works:

Inserting a snippet of JavaScript in the main code of webpage, the special tool counts each time a visitor clicked the link. This snipped based tag also gather the device, browser, operating system and the geographic locations through the IP address. Then cookies are sensed to get the sessions and determine the repeated visits from same browser/person.

With the various restriction imposed by several browsers to such code snippets and the cookie usage policy is different, therefore cent percent accurate information can never be yielded but Creative Yogi still make sure that whatever information is gathered it is authentic to the most possible limit.

Analytics Service by Creative Yogi

After complete analysis of your website and the key performance indicators we provide the quantitative and qualitative analysis. To provide you with the most accurate results, Creative Yogi makes sure that:

  • Enough data is always there to support the reports and conclusions
  • No superficial reports containing only data like page views, top sources. We provide the detailed analysis.
  • The data on all the reports are coupled with the insights that how it is beneficial and what does this value interprets.
  • Using specific and efficient tools for analysis of different KPIs
  • With the domain expertise in digital marketing and web services, we offer consultation apart for web analytics tool for tackling the hard situations.

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