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Microsite Development

A small website of single page or of few pages with unique name and domain, working as subdivision of large online entity is the microsite of that business. Such microsites are developed to focus on a specific product, service, campaign or offers in prevalence. These tiny websites serve a small and specific purpose and have in-depth information regarding that.

Such microsites are of great help to the businesses as they are no longer burdened with a large list of requirements needed to be added in main website. It also allows them to focus on users need sidestepping the additional business necessities.

Many businesses often go down the wrong road of creating unnecessary large websites containing each and every campaign, launches and advertisement at one place, making the site too congested and complicated to use. Creative Yogi will never let you go through this business hara-kiri because we know how time, cost and business effective such microsites are.

Microsites usually cost a fraction of the regular website because of no need for content or user management system. Product launch, Brand awareness, Campaign Drive and Landing pages are the main center of attention for a microsite.

The Creative Yogi factor

Creative Yogi, with its enormous experience in the field of web design and digital marketing, provides the esteemed clients with the most amazing experience and final products. Here we believe in a healthy discussion and are always open to all kind of enrichments which can improve the final outcome and knowledge of all. At each and every step of the project, we keep a close touch with the person concerned and makes sure that not a single detail misses the final product.

Our Microsite development services are started with firsthand knowledge gathering from the client and are ensured that the ‘mini site’ meets the specific business needs. Once the comprehensive profile has been studied, the information regarding layouts, developments, interface management etc are worked on by the master developers. The professional and experienced coders provide the final site quickly and without any bug in the design.

Other add-on offered here

  • Multimedia capabilities
  • Security, Reliability and post-sales support
  • Database support
  • Traffic reports
  • Scalability

Being a complete digital marketing agency, Creative Yogi has domain expertise on all aspects of business marketing and web based services. We have a special proficiency in establishing your strong online presence on the internet, leading to a major boost in business. The microsite development services are a part of digital campaigns and we proudly possess proficiency in this province.

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