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CRM Solutions

CRM applications are designed to help the enterprises in managing the business processes, customer data and interactions, access business information and automate the sales. Being enriched with backend industry acumen, Creative Yogi assists in accurate analysis of the businesses to develop and deploy the best CRM solution for their objectives.

Our extensive experience in overall CRM integration helps us to deliver the user friendly and rich solutions for both- the in-house and cloud based CRM solutions.

Custom CRM solutions and services

CRM Software development solutions Custom software development and features extends the automation and functionality of the application while optimizing the customer experience and retention.

Analytics software development Get the real time customer segmentation with predictive modeling and reports based on the past activities.

Implementation tools Integration tools including custom rules, different tasks, alerts and automated process template for simplified usability, are developed to be added in a new or existing CRM system.

Integration services Our custom CRM services include the system integration with social media, sales force automation system and various 3rd party APIs and systems.

Customized CRM modules Performance monitoring, custom KPI tracking and several other add-ons are developed for a better functionality.

Better Solution at lesser investment

  1. Scheduled Reminders and distinct estimates
  2. Auto-import of leads from email
  3. Analytical tool for customer retention
  4. Announcements/circulars to staff and customers
  5. Analyzed feedback to sales team
  6. Track time, cost and progress on actions
  7. Accounting project expenses and managing invoices

Our CRM development process is initiated after understanding the core requirement of businesses. At each stage of the processes, the development team keeps the direct contact to deliver the best possible solution with zero downtime. Enhance the profitability of your business with the most suitable CRM solution for your requirement. With the domain expertise and rich experience in the field, Creative Yogi, after an all-inclusive analysis of business requirement, develops the most optimized solution for your benefit.

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