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Social Media Application Development

The past decade of online world has especially been dominated by the ‘Social-media Revolution”, making it a prominent part of daily life. The widespread use of mobile devices with the advancement in tech solutions has prompted the businesses to leverage this lucrative platform as the world-wide users are active most of the time there.

The ingenious team with rich experience at Creative Yogi develops all sorts of creative applications to keep the audience engaged and entertained which also brings the brands and enterprises closer to their customers. The tailor-made social media applications are developed in a way to best reach the potential customers, making the businesses attain their goals. Creating applications to promote the brand at Facebook and Twitter is now considered as the best source for the promotion and interaction with audience.

Different Kinds of Social Media Applications

Promotional apps The visitors are often redirected to a specific business app through the search results by another application. For this purpose the products must be easily discoverable and must be flexible to filter in or filter out a particular product and specifications. Taking care of these, special apps with search optimization are designed

Contest Apps Running a contest is a fabulous way to engage with the audience and keep them indulged for a longer time. Our years of experience in the domain enable us to create such efficient applications with options of social media sharing, sending invitations and playing with several friends.

Social Games It’s the era of social games where peoples contest against thousands of others and share the gaming progress on Facebook, pose selfies on Instagram and seek support on Twitter. Bygone are those days where peoples stopped social activities while playing seriously. So it’s also an opportunity to harness for business interactions.

Quiz Apps Peoples love to boast their quiz scores with friends and a quiz app equipped with social media sharing option is great channel for the same. With such an app peoples can compete with their friends in real time and can share the progress as status at several media. With special features like Leaderboards, Quiz levels, Real time contest with multiple categories and various options, Creative Yogi helps in creating better interactions.

Plus Points We Provide

  1. In addition to the proficiency with APIs of all leading social media, Creative Yogi has also developed various portals, applications and tools. Integrating the web applications with social media channels and analysis of activities are also our strong-holds.
  2. Integrating the applications with APIs of search engines and maps applications.
  3. Creating high-load applications which provide a simple, logical and intuitive navigation to the users through our rich expertise in business analysis.
  4. Most suitable business model of the application with future prospects.
  5. The cutting edge latest technologies for application to work in web, app and mobile version of social media site.

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