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Website Maintenance

In simple terms website maintenance is the process of keeping the website error free and updated. The fresh content with latest trends can keep the audience engaged but if maintenance is overlooked then there is strong possibility of your website getting buried deep in the search results. The SEO friendly content coupled with the latest technical trends are must to keep you up in competition.

When a potential audience visits the website he gets the impression of service and brand positioning. Regular updates and revised contents make a better impression and this is the deciding factor is making or breaking the deal. So the maintenance must be top priority.

As a credible partner, Creative Yogi provides you the customized and comprehensive maintenance plans which will help your business to deliver a speedy, secure and seamless experience. Moreover, being a 360° digital marketing agency we also offer several turnkey solutions for maximizing the performance.

Why hire maintenance service

The task can be executed on your own or by the setting up an in-house team which is a very expensive affair. But if you seek the professional assistance, it will not only save time and money of yours but also the quality will be awe-inspiring, keeping your head above in crowd.

Creative Yogi Factor

With the efficient and systematic approach, we make sure that project is worth the hard-earned money invested and the quality is more than the expectations. The following set of benefits is on the way once you choose the Creative Yogi:

  1. Skilled and experienced team of specific professionals
  2. 24*7 Customer support
  3. The best website uptime
  4. Special research to get positive response from customer on fresh look
  5. Latest and the most efficient technologies implementation
  6. Services delivered in shortest possible time
  7. Different plans for to suit any kind of budget
  8. Customer feedback and demands are given first priority

Updating Plug-ins and CMS:Technical errors can take visitors away from the site. So replacing the old plug-ins with the new ones are important from functionality perspective and also the old and unsupportive are more prone to hacking. So the security level is also improved by this.

Updating Documents:Documentation and legal contracts need to be timely renewed as they usually get outdated with every new release. To prevent the chances of confusion and misinterpretations, the legal issues, terms & conditions, pricing and offers must be updated time to time.

Execution:Now the operational speed is the most important aspect. High speed ensures quick loading of pages and with special tools we make sure that the pages are loaded in the shortest time.

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