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Logo Design

Create an Impact with a Unique Logo Design

If your company is preparing for the bigger things during the near future, then right now is the best time to have a closer look at the company logo and your corporate identity. The logo may only be a single component of the branding strategy but yet, it is an important part and hence one needs to choose the right logo Design Company for your logo design requirement.

First impressions with your logo

The logo is often the first impression that the prospective clients get off the business. Hence it is extremely crucial to get each aspect right. As mentioned earlier, a logo is a vital part of an organization’s identity. It is the face that goes with the name –like a trademark. Selecting a logo designer who can work with you to develop the branding may be a difficult choice. At creative yogi, we have the required experience and expertise to make your business reach success via creative designs. As a leading logo design company in Bangalore, Creative yogi provides its design service throughout the country while aiding the growing organizations through a superlative design along with the corporate identity development prediction.

Amazing Logos for Your business by experienced Logo Designers

Creative yogi has a pool of experienced and well-trained expert logo designers in Bangalore. Our logo designer has developed thousands of logos for Indian and international companies. They are trained to design a business logo that is reflective of the brand vision, interacts effectively with the clients and helps to meet the business goals. Our team of logo designers understands that the logo lies at the crux of all the branding activities and hence they put in all of their creativity and experience to craft an amazing logo design that is not only attractive but even reflects the business goals.

Our unique Process of Logo Design

At creative yogi, we follow a very scientific approach for logo designing and hence the designing and creativity are subjective and vary from company to company depending on the nature of the business, the targeted audience and the client company's geolocation. To design an awesome logo for our clients we undergo the following procedure:

  1. Questionnaire and Interview: Our Company asks you to fill out a questionnaire or undertakes an interview with you to have a clear picture of the business that you want to represent in the logo
  2. Research: Next we undertake in-depth research about the client industry and analyze what has worked for the other companies in the field
  3. Create the first draft of designs: We develop the first draft logo design based on the inputs and our research
  4. Multiple versions: We provide you with multiple unique logos
  5. Meet and discuss: We meet to discuss the logo options as well as any alterations if required.
  6. Logo launch: We develop a plan for presenting the logo design across different multi-media platforms such as Website, brochure and visiting card

Come and meet us for a. unique experience

Creative yogi possesses a rich portfolio and the most affordable logo design company in Bangalore since the last decade. We have assisted hundreds of local and international clients to build unique brand identities and will also be glad to help you to design one for your business. To hire our logo designers to feel free to contact us at the given address.

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