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ERP Solutions

An Enterprise Resource Planning system helps the organizations in easy and efficient management of their resources. The most prominent task to be achieved through ERP solutions is to integrate the back office business processes and assist the information transfer to take data-driven decisions. In such applications the information from various levels of the organizations is collected and then organized for smoother functioning across the different departments. It helps in standardizing and automating the processes to attain a higher operational efficiency.

Benefits of custom ERP system

  1. Process Automation: Easily collecting the data and streamlining business processes by eliminating manual operations, the efficiency is enhanced with such automation.
  2. Aggregation of data: It allows the aggregation of data at one place which helps in keeping it consistent and updated.
  3. Comprehensive Reporting: Easy access to data and complete analysis assists in making fast and better decisions.
  4. Improved customer service: Better interactions and quick access to customer’s information improves the overall quality of customer service.
  5. Greater security: The different access rights to different users eliminates the data leakage concerns.
  6. Regulatory Compliance: With the system being developed on the basis of regulatory norms, it helps in better compliance.

We develop the system for your needs and benefits

Our excellence in this process of developing the solutions makes sure that you are always having a leading-edge against the competitors. Creative Yogi is backed by a rich experience in the domain expertise and develops the dedicated ERP solutions for industry specific requirements.

Next step after the plan

Mapping of the accessible options and preparation of the proposal request are executed after finalization of the plan.

Assistance at all the major steps

From designing, planning to development and then implementing the ideated system, our guidelines would be helpful in creating the results, much better than your expectations.

Enriching Consultation

Gathering information about industry’s requirement for the tool we also keep you abreast of the detailed knowledge that is essential for the software as well as the enterprise concerned.

Final stage of development

Giving final touch to the framework of ERP development, we also prepare the company members to make them get the most of the application.

Better Solution at lesser investment

We assist our clients till the final integration of the system in the ongoing process and also provide our assistance in post-sales maintenance and updating the technologies as and when required.

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