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What is it that is known to represent data well? What is it that adds value by creating a huge morsel of information easy to understand? What is it that clarifies the user perspective about the business, just within seconds?

The answer to all these questions and many others like them is simple- Video Infographics. Just as the name suggests, Video infographics are visual and graphical representations of large amounts of data and knowledge, which are excessively created in the form of an online video. This technique of data presentation is now being preferred for content marketing due to their high impact on the viewer’s mind within as minimum as 90 seconds of their viewership.

Another interesting fact that suffices the widespread use of Infographics is entertaining, yet a unique combination of audio and visuals, which ensure a psychological connection of the viewer, thus improving their perspective on the data while they share it with their friends and colleagues.

Apart from the high demand amongst the marketers of the world, Video Infographics also enjoys a special place among the users and the viewers. With videos, becoming an integral part of any marketing arsenal, Infographics acts like the cherry on top. Through their experience, our team is well-trained to get your marketing campaign going via the addition of expert infographics. Further, working on the fact that human brains are programmed to absorb combinations of visuals and audios very quickly and the retention is contrastingly higher after 24 hours, we develop elite content that efficiently suits all your requirements.

Next, we have the arena of social reach, wherein, studies have proved that Social reach of Infographic, as well as whiteboard animation videos, are twice the reach of normal pictures and video promotional content, since the viewers are more likely to share and retain videos which impacted them psychologically, along with graphs, facts, and some entertainment, all in one package. Such is the worth Creative Yogi gives you.

Infographics videos are based on the motion design technique of animation. Since such designs use imagery to convey messages, when combined with audio-visuals, become a great medium to visualize your data in a graphically appealing manner. Creative Yogi comprehends vital information and data and presents it in forms that interest the viewer, thus transforming a non-working media piece into an effectively working one. The entire idea behind focusing on Infographics videos area so much is to use it as an additional tool to reach out to audiences, where static infographics are not able to go.

In a nutshell, if you want to tell a clearer and more direct story, that enhances your social engagement as a brand, while placing your brand at a higher position at the same time, Infographics is your thing!

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