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Package Designing

Packaging Design has the potential to build or break a brand.

A product's packaging is considered to be a consumer’s first interaction with any product. Thus the right packaging design is fundamental to get the attention of the consumers and help communicate the desired brand message. At Creative yogi, we strive to design innovative packaging designs backed with an apt strategy.

The packaging has since long stopped to be a simple functional property. Rather today it has been the most pivotal science in the product marketing and brand positioning strategy. This is the primary reason why several businesses, be it startups or large multinational corporations, have begun acknowledging the packaging design as a vital part of the product development lifecycle.

Packaging Design with a Punch at creative yogi

At Creative yogi, we perceive the packaging design activity as a blend of art and science. It involves the art of creating an eye-catchy design that is backed by the science of tapping into consumer behavior. We realize that packaging is a silent ambassador for any brand, which reinforces the product's positioning. This ideology has always been reflected during our work process take place.

Before the execution of any design begins, first we understand the brand. Our team asks several questions such as what the brand stands for, what the brand is positioning, what is the vision for the brand, who is the target audience, what is the USP of product etc. This helps our team to get a deep insight into the brand truth. After the answers have been got to the questions, we delve into the category, competition, and consumer research of the product. All of these findings help the team in developing the most impactful strategy as well as for brainstorming unique ideas to develop unique packaging design with a punch.

Our Packaging Design Services

At creative yogi, we deliver end-to-end solutions to clients with a portfolio of packaging design services which includes box design, bag design, label design, and much more. We are a leading packaging box design company in the country as well as a very well recognized packaging box design company in Bangalore. We have over a decade of experience for designing and evolving the packaging for SMEs as well as the brands with international footprints.

Our industry coverage

Driven by a creative repertoire and the versatility of our designer team, we have worked on several packaging design projects ranging from a diverse spectrum of industries. While we possess resources and capabilities to cater to the packaging design needs for every industry, there are certain industries for whom we have done certain flagship projects. They are as follows

  • CafĂ© & Restaurants
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Agriculture
  • FMCG
  • Food & Beverages
  • Power
  • Health & beauty

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