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Digital Marketing

The drastic change which marketing segment has experienced in the last decade is the biggest which any industry has ever witnessed. The last decade took us out of the TV spots and prints to the age of websites, online video streaming, social media and Google ranks. Each and every person is somehow connected with the internet for a major portion of the day. Even if we neglect those persons whose job is internet based then also the remaining population is internet active for more than 6 hours a day.

These facts make internet the most powerful marketing tool of the moment and must be leveraged for enhancing the business reach. Studies have also revealed the power of online marketing and concluded it as the best tool at present for ensuring the success.

A very high percentage of failing startups and other businesses have been attributed only to the lack of marketing and the successful ones were only able to make a dent because of powerful online presence. Being a 360° Digital Marketing Service Provider, Creative Yogi proudly possesses each and every requirements of the business to take it on the heights, leveraging different aspects of online marketing. The rich experience and proficiency helps us develop the most effective strategy for the purpose.

Related services

The complete range of web solution has the following subset of services dedicated for internet based marketing:

Content Marketing:Entice, evolve and engross the correct audience with creating and successful distribution of better content in form of web pages, blog posts, e-books, e-mail newsletters, white papers and many more.

Social Media Advertising campaigns:The control of pay per click on the prices better than Google Ads, are the attributes of highly targeted ad campaigns at popular social media like Facebook twitter, Instagram and others. Around 81% of peoples have at least one account on any of the social media while average population spends 5-6 hours daily on such platforms. The flexibility to target a selected group of audience is the most beneficial assistance in social media marketing and a detailed report on every aspect is on the click.

Digital Competitive Analysis:We identify the strength and weakness, opportunities and threats from the digital marketing perspective including rich insights to make you bridge the gaps for getting ahead of competitions.

Conversion rate Optimization:This service helps in getting to know that how many visitors closed the deal basically. We implement several tests to let you know the conversion rate and the reason. This helps in boosting the sales by many folds.

Website design, Development, Maintenance and marketing:The domain expertise lets us create the most exotic and enchanting website for the business in the most detailed way. We take care of all the steps form envisaging to hosting and maintaining it for you. With our specialization in SEO and the responsive designs, the website so developed ranks first in the search engines for better brand establishment.

Branding and Creative Services

Immaterial of the business size, industry being served or the establishment location; an effective and cohesive brand strategy and designs are a must. 75% of the people have been found to make the brand impressions with design only. With creative multimedia support we help in developing credibility and user experience, which are the most vital part of a business.

Animations and Videos

For the marketing purpose we assist the brands in telling their story in a creative and engaging way.

Local SEO

Along with international benchmarks, we take care of local searches as now 95% consumers are going online to find local services. To connect with them Creative Yogi Offers the SEO service from nearby searches to help the customers find you easily.

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