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Search engine marketing

With the increasing competition and millions of businesses vying for the same spot, Search Engine Marketing is the most effective way to grow the business. Advertising online is now needed more than ever and it is not always possible even through the best SEO to get noticed. Just like the investments, marketing strategies also need to be diversified and with SEO and social media, SEM must also be looked for a better ROI.

Search Engine Marketing refers to the paid advertisement which appears on top of the search engine result page. Also known by another popular name, Pay per Click, these ads are available in variety of formats. Some are small text based while some are visual based ads.

The greatest strength of SEM is the opportunity offered to the businesses to get in front of the customers when they are about to make a purchase, instead of just looking to gather information. Coming with offers at the precise moment is the power which no other marketing strategy can offer. This must be incorporated in marketing budget to get the business ahead.

Services Driving Real Results

With the Search Engine Marketing Service offered by Creative Yogi, your business will receive:

  • Personalized Strategies
  • Dedicated Accounting
  • Timely tests and regular reports
  • Advanced analysis of your business needs and competitors strategies

The additional perks, found nowhere.

Specialties to avail

Enriching Experience: With the domain expertise, Creative Yogi has been successful in delivering spectacular results to myriads of well-known clients world-wide. We have strengthened the lurching businesses and enhanced the faltering sales by several folds.

Upfront Communication: At all stages of strategy design, we keep a clear contact with the concerned to not let a single detail miss the plan. We are always open to enriching discussion which can improve the quality of overall project, as per our belief

On time delivery: Our expert team, upholding the professional standards delivers the on spot performance on time always.

Reasonable Price Packages: Along with the effective strategies, we also possess the economic packages to suit your requirements and the different levels are there to help the businesses ranging from startups to giant complexes. There is a distinct package for every budget.

Support at all the levels: Being a complete digital marketing firm, we provide all the needed services for the marketing of your brand and keep you backed at all the engagements levels. Even after the project closure, we provide the maintenance facility as per the requirement

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