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Better contracting for finer success!

Creative Yogi team believes that working with other teams around the world help us grow and learn techniques and technology that are used around the world. That is why we request media and software companies from around the world to outsource us their extra or non-core work which falls in the purview of our operation. Creative Yogi team is experienced, easy to work with and quite flexible. Some of the reasons why you should consider Creative Yogi as your next outsourcing partner are:

Ease and Flexibility

Let’s just say it right at the beginning that when we work on your outsourced project, we work on your terms. You will find that the entire Creative Yogi team is not only very talented but also very open and flexible. We make sure that the project runs smoothly and that is why we chalk out an agreement which is mutually agreeable and comply with it to the last detail. We are always open to suggestion and feedback from you and we take it very, very seriously because a lot of our effort and your name is riding on it.

Affordable and Affable

We think this is our greatest quality. Creative Yogi believes quality precedes everything. And for a good project, we work day and night to make sure that the result is to your satisfaction. We are friendly, open and have reasonable prices. This makes our partners who outsource us very comfortable when they work with us. We understand collaboration is a tricky game and that is why we always ensure that you always feel comfortable being a part of part of it.

Easy to integrate

We outsource with companies around the world. This means that we often deal with not only different culture and languages but also different technologies. Our experienced and talented team members always keep themselves updated with various techniques and technologies so that there is always an easy collaboration possible with our partners. We make sure that the integration is smooth and we understand each other well before getting on with the project.

Long Term Relationship

Creative Yogi has been in the business of web and multimedia solution for many years and we have always believed in maintaining long lasting relationship with whoever we work with. We are in this to be with you whenever you need our services. That is why we have designed our way of working so that our partners always feel comfortable working with us and we can assist them by providing top notch services.

How does an outsourcing program commence?

We have had the opportunity to work with companies in all parts of the globe for the following reasons

  1. Support provided at the executive level
  2. Providing multi-sourcing
  3. Clear communication
  4. Understanding contractual terms and the open to negotiation

That is why as soon as a company agrees to outsource to us we make sure that there is transparency at both ends. All the outsourced project that we work on comes in the name of Creative Yogi. We draw an agreement to ensure clarity of resources and deliverables. All this enables us to focus on the project and impress you with our performance.

From initial enquiry to final copy, Creative Yogi were very helpful, professional and prompt showing genuine interest in our objectives and were very enthusiastic during the whole project ensuring that we were not only being assured the best services and advices, but also produced the best, way above our expectations.

Bipin Rajan,

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